Out now! Loopy Spoons & Facing Giants - Paradise

Paradise EP

Loopy Spoons - Flight

Flight Single


Wonder Single

Loopy Spoons - Path

Path Single

Loopy Spoons - Autumn

Autumn EP


Jasper, known also as Loopy Spoons, a Canadian (based in London, UK) musician and producer, is taking his mellow aesthetic beyond the traditional dance realms. He combines house music with melodic and tropical vibes. A wild Loopy Spoons can often be spotted in his home studio, drawing elements and inspiration from dance and cinematic genres in all forms of media.

"I want to make music that is enjoyable to listen to and experiment with interesting styles and sounds along the way."

Producing music is just the beginning. With Noisyblue Records, his house music label, he hopes to find creative and passionate musicians and producers who have a unique and fresh sound and style.