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Loopy Spoons

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In the summer of 2005 four friends (including Jordan LaChance) got together and created a techno group called Euphoria. No songs were released and the group disbanded later the same summer. Despite the quick downfall, an idea was born for Jordan. From the years 2005-2009 nothing happened, aside from research and learning various music creation programs and a few remixes of songs like I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry and Tainted Love by The Clash.

In 2009 Loopy Spoons was created. A solo project created by Jordan with the intention of creating electronic music without a goal or purpose other than to be just what it is. Music. “It will never be about duty, work, or money for me. But instead always about the love of doing it.”

The name Loopy Spoons doesn’t have a spectacular origin story. It’s simply two ridiculous words that stick together nicely. The idea to move from Jordan LaChance releases to Loopy Spoons came shortly after discovering deadmau5 in 2010.

While Jordan creates mostly electronic music, he occasionally splices in some house, dubstep, and dance elements. “Exploring all the genres of electronic music will always happen for me. Who knows what the next sound will be for me.”

Jordan uses a variety of programs to create and play music. Programs like ACID Pro, Cubase, Pro Tools, Fruity Loops Studio, & Ableton Live. Quite often Jordan will use his iPhone to map out beats while he is on the move if an idea pops up. For that he uses Fruity Loops Studio Mobile & Nanostudio.